No Matter The Platform, To Win Money One Should Understand The Game

So yes, the overall answer to this question contained in the title is that you can indeed win money online no matter what the game is, even with the cyber-slots.

When playing in any casino, whether live and within a brick-and-mortar building, or at home on a computer or device, the key to winning and not being soaked is to understand the game itself, and this includes the slot-machines.

Thus, it is key that a player understands the rules of not only the House (all casinos have a House) but of the actual game itself, be it Black Jack or Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, Roulette, Craps and slots.


Slots Are A Numbers Game

If you have the time and money, the Law Of Averages applies with slots along with anything else regarding gambling in general In this case, you will eventually win. The average payout in most casinos overtime shows statistically a ratio of for approximately every $1.00 spent, you will eventually win about .95 cents.

Thus the well-renowned adage applies here like anything else: “Know when to hold them, know when to fold them and know when to walk away.”

To put it more basic, if and when you get on a run, understand that the ratio of $1 spent versus .95 payout average should play out over time. This may help in determining when the time is right for you to pull out and “walk-away” if following said run. This is because if the average holds, you will eventually lose at least 5 cents on the dollar if you continue to play out the hand or machine (in the case of the slots).


The Psychology Regarding The Allure Of Gambling

Face it, the House in any gaming establishment pretty-much hasto pay out at some point or the obvious ensues: No One Will Play In It. The worse thing a casino or online gaming portal to have is a sorry and poor reputation for payouts.

On top of this, when someone wins and receives just an initial credit, there is a tried and true psychological study that a perceived win of any sort sends a hit of Dopamine into the pleasure centers of the brain. This is a truly powerful chemical that the brain receives when one eats chocolate or some sort of sugary-based product, tobacco and narcotics for that matter.

Gambling Can Be Addictive

As mentioned previously, this dopamine effect of winning causes a person to want to feel this again and it may lead to addiction in some. So once again, the answer is that you can win money in slot idn, but you also should understand the game that you’re playing and as many high-level would advise all around: “Play Responsibly”.